Lowe Family Wine Co - Clubs
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About The Foundation Club

The Lowe Foundation Wine Club was created as our first ever wine club; now in its 30th year, it remains the crowning jewel for those that wish to enjoy access to wines across Lowe’s limited reserve stock, pre-releases and everyday favourites. 


Our Foundation packs are personally curated by David to showcase a dozen wines, three times a year, that reflect the past, present and future of Lowe. Alongside the classics, you will find new vintage pre-release wines, as well as those from Lowe’s reserve or museum stock – which are specifically held back and cellared primarily for our Foundation members. These wines are then delivered to your door with detailed tasting notes written by David.


As the number of these older wines in our cellar are limited, so too are the number of people who can join. If you are unable to secure a spot in the first instance, we are happy to add you to our waitlist.


We know most of our wine club members personally, and look forward to meeting new members – for we take your feedback on our wines with the highest regard. 


Additional to the exceptional value of the pack and the ability to access wines not available through Cellar Door, Foundation Wine Club members also enjoy: 

  • 10% off any wine purchased through cellar door or online.
  • First access to all event tickets with a 10% discount.
  • Complimentary wine tastings for yourself and three others at the cellar door.
  • An invitation to our annual Foundation Christmas cocktail party for yourself and one other as our guests.


Membership is $395 (including shipping) per 12 bottles triannually, with payment taken 2 weeks prior to each shipment in April, August & December.

About The Terroir Subscription

The French use ‘terroir’ to refer to the earth, soil and climate of an area. These elements are reflected through a wine’s characteristics, to deliver a product that is distinct to where it is grown. For David, terroir also encompasses that of the region’s history, the viticulture practises, and the people. Put simply, terroir is a wine’s unique expression of place. 


Shaped by the use of organic & biodynamic practices here at Lowe, our vines are also unirrigated and untrellised. This guidance from natural cycles, without interference from artificial fertilisers, pesticides or irrigation, allows our wines to show a true reflection of place. 


That is why it is only fitting for ‘Terroir’ to be the name of our latest 6-pack wine subscription; a selection of new & current release wines that are guided by season, viticultural cycles, and our home, Tinja. 


Four times a year (Sep, Dec, Mar, June), a new selection of six wines will be sent directly to your door, with details about each bottle and the processes underpinning their creation. 


The first pack, to be sent out this September, has taken the name ‘Bud Burst’ to reflect the time when the vines first begin to produce new shoots after a dormant winter. This spring pack includes 2x Dragonfly Rose, 1x Dragonfly White, 1x Bio-logical Preservative Free Shiraz, 1x Block 8 Shiraz, 1x Block 5 Shiraz. 


As a member of the Lowe Terroir Subscription, you will also receive:

  • 10% off any additional wine purchased in cellar door or online.
  • A complimentary wine tasting for yourself and one other.


Subscription is $185 (including shipping) per 6 bottles quarterly, with payment taken 2 weeks prior to each shipment in March, June, September & December.