How To: Smoke Garlic at Home
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How To: Smoke Garlic at Home

Elevate any dish with this easy trick from the Zin House team…

Want to know a Zin House secret ingredient? Smoked garlic.

You’ll find it hidden amongst many of our dishes, adding a subtle smoky flavour when you least expect it. And it’s not just garlic the team is smoking, but meats and vegetables too!

In 2017 when an old barrel could no longer be in use in the winery, Kim had the great idea to not let it go to waste, and instead turn it into a smoker for the Zin House. This 4500L wine cask that was once used to age David’s Zinfindels has found a second life on the property, one the Zin team now can’t live without.

Chris Dickson, a friend of Kim and David’s, led this conversion. He crafted a door from old cask ends and foraged custom iron handles. In the photo you’ll see there’s a side hutch where the fire is built. The smoke is then funneled through the pipes and into the barrel where our house-cured meats, garden garlic, or anything else the team might be experimenting on will be sitting, bathing in fresh wood fired smoke!

While we might not all have a smoker ready and waiting in our backyards, one of the Zin chefs walked us through how we can create this smoked flavour easily at home!

Tips before you start:

This can get smokey, we recommend doing this outdoors! If you have a BBQ, it’s a great alternative vessel. Once smoked, you can store the garlic in a dry place for up to a few months.

Smoked garlic recipe

What you’ll need:

  • Large stainless steel/heat proof pot
  • Small stainless steel/heat proof vessel (must fit inside larger pot)
  • 2-3 garlic bulbs, skin kept on
  • Wood chips, bark (you can easily pull bark off a tree in your neighbourhood or backyard!)
  • Aluminum foil

Start smoking:

  1. Place garlic bulbs inside the larger pot
  2. Place second container inside the large pot add woodchips/bark
  3. Light the woodchips/bark so that they begin smoking
  4. Cover it all with aluminium foil
  5. Leave for 30 minutes, checking on it regularly to ensure the wood is still smoking

Once you’ve mastered garlic, get creative and see what else in your kitchen you can smoke!